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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Meanwhile, BQ I continues
That's Bush Quagmire I, aka Afghanistan:

The deaths of six villagers in what Afghan officials said was a U.S. airstrike embarrassed President Hamid Karzai's government Monday as it tried to rally support for a draft constitution that is key to reuniting this war-ravaged country. The attack Friday night destroyed two houses in the village of Warez in the eastern province of Nuristan, killing four children, a woman and a young man, Deputy Governor Abdul Haleem Nooristani said in a telephone interview. -- NY Times.

The bombed houses belong to central government supporters Maulvi Ismail Khan and Maulvi Ghulam Rabani, the former governor of Kunar province, Nooristani said.

Rabani's 16-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter were among the dead, added Nooristani, who said American troops had ignored warnings to check with provincial authorities before launching attacks, to avoid being misled by Afghan guides who use U.S. forces to settle local scores.

I've had the frequently-confirmed suspicion that Air Force jets have been flying over Afghanistan for two years, dropping bombs occasionally on the flimsiest of rumors, often as tools of warring factions. They've probably gotten the occasional Taliban or al Qaeda leader, along with several wedding parties, government supporters, Canadians, and even Americans. Once, they almost got Karzai himself. All to get revenge on 19 people who are already dead. (Karl: "There's nothing like revenge for gettin' back at people." Lenny: "I dunno. Vengeance is pretty sweet, too.")

(BTW, spellcheck suggests that "Maulvi Ghulam Rabani" be spelled "Malibu Giuliani Rabin.")