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Monday, November 10, 2003

It was just a matter of time
Two University of Michigan students were killed by a pickup truck while crossing Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor last night. The students were apparently returning from the Islamic Center on the north side of Plymouth to their student housing on the south side. The road is a complete free-for-all at that point, with cars from both directions regularly exceeding the already excessive 40 mph speed limit. The cops give the same reaction that I've seen to concerns about the dangers of right-on-red to pedestrians and cyclists:

Lt. Michael Logghe said that the police department is aware of the concerns about the intersection, but that police have not seen a disproportionate number of accidents there.

That people have been literally running for their lives doesn't seem to matter until one or two of them fail. There are only two reasons that there aren't even more pedestrians and cyclists killed on our roads: Most Americans won't even risk walking or riding anymore, and those of us that do proceed with the heightened awareness of an Army patrol in Fallujah. And don't forget that the death toll on our highways EVERY MONTH exceeds that of 9/11.