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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Iraq the Vote!
I watched the first half or so of the "Rock the Vote" debate last night. I thought it was strange that they would hold a "Rock the Vote" debate while polls were open across the country. It started at 7 EST, 4 PST. I wonder how many of the young voters they were supposedly targeting stayed home watching the debate instead of voting in their local elections? Actually, probably not that many. The vast majority most likely stayed home and didn't watch the debate.

John Kerry got off to a rip-roaringly bad start, IMHO, by completely missing the point of his first question, and capping it with a flawed punch line:

Q: You're the manager of the Boston Red Sox. It's game seven of the ALCS versus the New York Yankees. Your starting pitcher appears to be tiring. You know it's best for the team to replace him, but the star asks to stay in. Do you make an executive decision and take him out? Or do you listen to your star and let him, the person who you hired in that role, and let him finish that job?

Kerry responds with a bunch of tired "long-suffering Red Sox fans" jokes in the process of not answering the question. He seemed to completely miss the metaphor, as I read it. To me the meaning of the question was, "When you are president, will you put loyalty to the people in your administration ahead of loyalty to the country?" This was certainly a key issue in the Nixon and Reagan administrations, where those presidents refused to fire cabinet members and others who were clearly doing wrong and harming the country. Currently, both Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice have exhibited both substantial incompetence and substantial dishonesty, but aWol won't fire them (I think he respects those qualities).

Even if the guy who asked the question didn't intend the metaphor, it was clearly an opportunity for Kerry to discuss an important topic. He didn't even answer the question straight until moderator Anderson Cooper pushed him on it in the end.

Kerry's flawed punch line? Every single one of us ought to celebrate the Marlins beating the Yankees. And the reason it's extra special is that's the first legitimate victory out of Florida since 2000.

Um, John? Don't you mean 1998 or '96? I don't recall the 2000 election being legitimate.

Okay, I'm bored with this for now. I'll come back to reviewing the debate later (i.e. ABOVE this post), or not.