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Friday, September 19, 2003

Good anti-sprawl commentary
From Scott McElrath in the Ann Arbor News. Excerpt:

Results? We become more dependent on cars and commuting because we continue to desire to live away from it all in search of our little slice of America. Ahh, the American dream. But the dream has diminishing returns as we spend more time and money commuting than we do actually fulfilling any real pursuit of happiness. Why are we chasing this evaporative dream as it leads us farther and farther away from where we work and play? Until the public becomes more discriminating and says, "We don't want to live in anonymous cardboard box houses posing as McMansions in curving streets where there is no reason to curve the streets because it used to be a cornfield."

People are dying in Iraq to keep gas cheap so Americans can continue to move to these places. Enough already!

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