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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Words for Ari Fleischer's Tombstone:
We don't know if it's true -- but nobody, but nobody, can say it is wrong.

From his last White House press briefing yesterday.

We'll see how long the new guy lasts.

[Update:] I'm watching it right now (; he won't last long, I'd say! He doesn't believe what he's saying. Ari Fleischer's don't come along every day.

[Update 2:] He's already citing 9/11 as justification for Iraq. He sounds like a high-school debater who doesn't have a case or evidence.

[Update 3--still watching the press briefing:] The guy's name is Scott McClellan. The Bushies are in serious trouble with him taking Ari's place. He's either going to quit screaming or make a major gaffe--maybe both. He doesn't believe what he's saying. He's getting paid to lie, and he knows it.

[Update 4:] He just mentioned the "mobile labs," which the British said were for producing hydrogen. I guess he doesn't trust the British on this one.