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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Why doesn't this get its own headline?
When the war began in March, Iraq posed no threat to the United States or to its neighbors, a former senior State Department intelligence official said Wednesday.

Its missiles could not reach Israel, Saudi Arabia or Iran, said Greg Thielmann, who held a high post in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research.

But Thielmann, one of four critics at a session held by the private Arms Control Association, said the Bush administration had formed a "faith-based'' policy on Iraq and took the approach that "we know the answers; give us the intelligence to support those answers.''

Thielmann said the administration had distorted intelligence to fit its policy purposes. He said Iraq had no active nuclear weapons program and that while CIA Director George Tenet told Congress Iraq had Scud missiles, the intelligence finding actually was that the missiles could not be accounted for.

These paragraphs were buried, along with a bunch of other stuff deserving of major headlines, in a NY Times article with the headline Bush Says US Must "Remain Tough".