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Sunday, July 20, 2003

Whom do you blame?
Three more soldiers die in Iraq. (Pay no attention to CNN's headline which says two soldiers were killed; the article says three.) Anita Blount, wife of Major General Buford Blount (yes, that's really his name), says that complaints from the families of soldiers in the Third Infantry encourage the attacks: "When the Iraqis see media coverage of disgruntled Americans, publicly campaigning for the return of our soldiers from Iraq, they are encouraged and believe their strategy is working." The pentagon says the troops can't complain. Personally, I think our mad cowboy president is more to blame: "Bring them on!"

Express your opinion now! Soldiers in Iraq and their family members can vote as many times as they like!

Who is most to blame for the ongoing attacks on American soldiers?
The soldiers
The families
George aWol Bush

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