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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Ann Arbor to Mark: We Won't Miss You!

From today's Ann Arbor News Letters to the Editor:

I was enjoying the Fourth of July celebration in Ann Arbor after having run the Independence Day 5 K when my wife suggested we stay and watch the parade.

To my shock and dismay I proceeded to watch a protest march disguised as a parade. I realize that the Ann Arbor area is left-of-center. However, people should put aside their animus toward the Bush administration and enjoy the day.

In my opinion, a parade celebrating the nation's birth is not an appropriate place for protest (especially when you have young children attending like my two-year-old daughter).

Needless to say my family and I will not be attending the parade next year.

Mark Vaeth, Livonia

By the way, Mark, I had a GREAT time! And read the old Declaration of Independence again; you seem to have forgotten what the Fourth of July is supposed to be about. Hopefully your daughter will learn better than you did; I'm glad to have done my part in her education!