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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Nice Kucinich plug on This Modern World. This Modern World is the blog of cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, who has been sharing his blog with author, commentator and Jeopardy champion Bob Harris for several weeks now. I have really enjoyed Harris' posts, and now he tells us he's a Kucinich supporter! Here's what he says:

I've been meaning to mention that I'm a Kucinich supporter and have volunteered here and there for the Congressman's campaign. (Buncha reasons: he's co-chair of the Progressive Caucus, the guy I agree with most on a slew of issues -- Iraq, the FCC, the Patriot Act, health care, etc. -- and a decent working-class guy from my hometown who has upset Republican incumbents his entire career. So there's that.)

Harris made the post since it appears that Kucinich will soon announce his projected cabinet. Good idea--candidates should make clear to the public beforehand whether their appointments will be made in order to fulfill the missions of their agencies, or destroy them. Imagine if Bush had announced that John Ashcroft was going to be his AG--he would have lost the election!

Oh right, he did anyway.