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Friday, June 27, 2003

It's not the U.S., it's the Bushies! While this headline, Appeals Court Rebuffs U.S. in Moussaoui Case, provides good news that at least some federal courts are interested in protecting the rights of defendants, I hate that the Washington Post claims it as a "rebuff" for the U.S. As a citizen of said country, I think that any decision that protects the constitution and the bill of rights is a victory. And not only is it confusing the country with the maniacs in the White House, the Post is shielding said maniacs from a negative headline. It should read "Court Rebuffs Bush" or "Court Rebuffs White House" or maybe

Loser Bush loses big time in big loss in court, the loser

With this court decision, the U.S. has won, Bush has lost. Let's get that straight.

Of course, Moussaoui is probably now about to go over the precipice into enemy-combatant land and never be heard from again, unless he immediately confesses to masterminding 9/11, lying about WMD's, and sending pretzels and Segways to Bush.

Innocent until proven guilty (no matter how awful the charges), rights to see the evidence, question accusers, speedy trial by jury--without these, we are the Soviet Union.