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Thursday, February 20, 2003

So Depressing. I attended a meeting of the Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace tonight. We spent much of the time planning a "day the war starts" march, because every indication is that Bush intends to start bombing the crap out of Iraq within the next two weeks. I've been so excited recently, going to Washington for the big march on January 18, helping to organize our February 8 march, and then going to Lansing last Saturday. I've also been calling Congress, doing leafletting and "honk for peace," and, of course, blogging. But I sat through most of tonight's meeting without making any suggestions or volunteering for much (I finally volunteered to be media liason at the march, because that doesn't involve advance planning). I just kept thinking--we can't let this happen--this can't happen--must stop this!

Hundreds of thousands of people will die if this war happens. And that's an optimistic estimate, assuming that it doesn't start World War III. Repression at home and abroad will increase. There will be terrorist attacks here; it will be unsafe for Americans to travel abroad. We can't let this happen!

So, I'm not giving up, and I hope you are with me. Call Congress: 800-839-5276, and ask for Senator so-and-so or Representative such-and-such. Tell the staffer that you oppose the war. If there's a march, be in it. If not, organize it. Do leafletting ( has a leafletting campaign going). Do "honk for peace!" Get others to do these things. Make it politically impossible for Bush to continue on the road to destruction.

Because I really don't want to have a "day the war starts" march.