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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Headlines in the news:

Blair suffers huge revolt on Iraq (CNN)

Labour MPs revolt over Iraq (Guardian (UK))

Iraq Debate in Britain's Parliament Reveals Rift in Labor (NY Times)

House of Commons Backs Blair on Iraq (Washington Post)

House of Commons Backs Blair on Iraq (FoxNews)

Blair Wins Parliamentary Vote on Iraq (LA Times)

All of these headlines, of course, refer to the same vote in London. Unfortunately, the latter headlines appear to be more accurate, although the large number of MP's from Blair's own labor party who voted against his position is seen as very significant. It's strange, too, since in recent weeks I have noticed that the Post seems to be rather anti-Bush, with the NY Times being quite pro-Bush. I noticed the same sort of discrepancy yesterday walking by some newspaper vending machines: One paper had a headline saying that the AIDS vaccine works; the next paper's headline said it doesn't. People who just get their news from headlines, radio and TV aren't really getting any information at all. That's what blogs are for!