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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Ms. Rice warned that the rift between the United States and its Council allies was "playing into the hands" of Mr. Hussein and coming across as similar to the "appeasement" of Hitler in the 1930's. -- from the NY Times. Once again, I'm amazed that the Bushies continue to say things that reflect so clearly back on themselves, and are either totally oblivious, or worse, realize that it infuriates the informed, thinking people in the world. If anybody is being appeased, it is George W. Bush and his merry band of genociders (that's a pre-emptive use of a word W is sure to use at some point). The Bushies continue to threaten the world, and the world tries to make them happy without allowing them to destroy the world in the process. This is the same thing that happened at Munich in 1938. UN resolution 1441 and the fact that anyone in the world is still listening to the nonsense coming out of the White House is the evidence of appeasement. No matter how evil Saddam is, and I'm willing to grant that that's plenty evil, he and his ruined country pose no threat at all compared to our insane cowboy president and the world's largest ever military. Is it too late for a recount in the Supreme Court?