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Thursday, January 16, 2003


As anti-war sentiment builds in the US, so does the hysterical rhetoric coming from the Bush administration:

The Bush administration resisted calls by other nations today that it secure the explicit blessing of the United Nations Security Council before going to war with Iraq. The White House further suggested that it could decide in favor of military action even if weapons inspectors do not turn up concrete new evidence against Saddam Hussein. -- from the NY Times. No support, no evidence: none of this seems to matter. More:

Mr. Blair said, "Of course we all want a second U.N. resolution. I believe we will get one." But he added, "Where there is an unreasonable veto put down, we will not rule out action." Five nations, the US, Britain, France, Russia and China, are permanent members of the UN Security Council and each can individually veto any Security Council action. Blair is claiming the right of the US and Britain to veto the veto, which would effectively destroy what is left of the UN, not to mention Iraq and quite possibly much of the world.

I was going to carry a simple "NO WAR" sign in the big march in Washington on Saturday, but I think I may change it to "IMPEACH BUSH." Ignoring a veto from France, Russia and/or China would not only be incredibly foolish, brutal and dangerous, it would also clearly violate the Constitution by intentionally violating an international treaty to which the US is not only a signatory but a founding member, namely the UN charter. And unlike the war crimes committed in the Gulf War, the Kosovo conflict and the Afghan War, this one will be completely obvious and fairly simple to explain to the American people. I feel that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Ashcroft, Rice and others in the administration have already committed impeachable offenses, but this one would be blatant enough for all to see.

Call to action: Call your congressional representatives now. You can reach them toll-free through the Capitol switchboard at 800-839-5276; just ask for Senator so-and-so or Congressman/woman so-and-so and they'll transfer you. You can also call the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111. Also, get to DC or San Francisco for the huge anti-war rallies this Saturday, or join in a local one. Here's the information about the rally planned in Ann Arbor:

For those of us who are not planning to go to Washington, D.C. on January
18th for the national demonstration against the war in Iraq, there will be a
local rally and march in Ann Arbor.

This action is sponsored by Peoplešs Progressive Network of Washtenaw County
and is endorsed by Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace, Coalition Against the
War, Solidarity, Street Wall Journal, WILPF, Wooden Spoon Co-op (more to

1. Rally at the Federal Building at noon on Saturday the 18th.
Protest the current bombing and imminent U.S. war against Iraq, as well as
the ongoing U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, U.S. support for the military
actions in Palestine, and U.S. threats against North Korea.

2. There will be speeches by members of the various groups who endorse the
rally, as well as spirited chants and noise-making. There will probably be a
picket line in front of the main entrance to the Federal Building. Bring
3. There may be a feeder march from the Diag to the Federal Building at noon
prior to the rally and there may be a march through downtown areas after the
4. There will be planning/sign-making meetings Wed. & Thurs. nights (1/15 &
1/16) at 7 pm at Wooden Spoon Bookstore, 200 N. Fourth Ave.
For more information contact Phil Carroll at