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Friday, January 17, 2003

Getting Psyched and Nervous: In five hours I'll be on the bus to DC. It's going to be cold there, and lots of people, and two very long bus rides, and I still don't know what to take. But whatever. It's got to be done! Our insane president is going to start bombing Iraq again, costing billions, leading to death and destruction which will last for years and will have serious implications here in the USA. At the very least we have to get enough people questioning the war so that there will be none of the jingoistic nonsense this time. We've got to make sure that Bush's popularity goes DOWN if he proceeds with war. I'm not sure if that possibility is enough to stop him, but we sure can't allow him to ride a patriotic wave on to more and more wars. George W. Bush is the biggest threat to the safety and security of America and the whole world. We should do our best to stop him; if we can't, we still have to slow him down.

This is probably my last post until Sunday: Please join in any peace rally you can find!