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WELCOME! I have been an avid map collector and roadgeek ever since I can remember. From the age of 3 or 4 I have designed my own cities and nations and have since drawn a few hundred maps.  A few years ago I began scanning some of my favorite maps and at first began updating them using a simple paint program, eventually upgrading my software and completely redrawing several of them digitally.  Below you will find several of these digital maps as well as their hand drawn counterparts and a few extras. In the future I hope to add a few of my earlier maps and, based on the response to this webpage, perhaps add more recent ones as well.  I hope you enjoy browsing!  Please send me your comments or questions at

Nation of Breda
My most recent project, this nation consists of three principal islands: Breda: the most populous island and home to the nation's capital city, St. Paul ... MORE

1: Breda 2003 Hand Drawn
2: Wright 2003 Hand Drawn
3: Mann 2003 Hand Drawn

1: Breda 1979 Digital
1: Breda 1982 Digital
1: Breda 1987 Digital
1: Breda 1992 Digital
1: Breda 1997 Digital
1: Breda 2003 Digital
1: Breda 2008 Digital
1: Breda 2014 Digital
1: Breda 2019 Digital
1: Breda 2024 Digital
1: Breda 2035 Digital
1: Breda 2040 Digital Vector (small: JPEG)

1: Breda 2040 Digital Vector (large: PDF)

3: Mann 2003 Digital (incomplete)


Pellie Island, TSA
My biggest project by far, these files represent only a fraction of my work on this island province of larger nation, the Treaty States of Aultica. 

1995 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
1997|Cover Hand Drawn 4th Edition 
Hand Drawn 5th Edition
2005 Exit Lists PDF
2005 Motor Vehicle Permit
Central Pellie Island Hand Drawn
PI Large Scale Digital (incomplete)
Highway 2 Improvements Hand Drawn
Highway 14/100 Interchange Hand Drawn
Highway 6/100 Interchange Hand Drawn


Dalton, TSA/DNR
Half of the coverage of this map includes the Province of Aultica, TSA which is the neighboring province to Pellie Island.

1997 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
1998 Hand Drawn 3rd Edition
2001 Digital


"Michigan" Cities
Well, not quite. But these cities are set in a "fictional" Michigan complete with the familiar shields. Originally two of a dozen cities, these are the only two I have digitized as of yet.

Belle River Digital
Sanford Digital


Brampton/Cardin Provinces
This road map is of the neighboring fictional Canadian provinces of Brampton and Cardin. You may notice that a few symbols used in the digital edition have been "borrowed" from the Ontario Official Highway Map.

Brampton 2nd Edition Hand Drawn
Brampton 4th Edition | Cover Hand Drawn
Brampton 6th Edition Hand Drawn
Brampton 7th Edition Digital

Cardin City Region Hand Drawn
Cardin Rivers Region Hand Drawn
Cardin 5th Edition Hand Drawn

Cardin/Brampton Combined Digital


Highway E-11 Corridor
The following are strip maps along the E-11 Expressway corridor, including two city maps and an exit list.

Map 0 Hand Drawn Original 
Map 1 Digital
Map 2 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
Map 3 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
Map 4 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
Map 5 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
Map 6 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
Map 7 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
Map 8 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
Map 9 Hand Drawn 2nd Edition
Map 10 Digital
Exit Lists PDF
Digitally Revised 
Trenton Digital (incomplete)


This city is located in the same country as above and is also along the E-11 corridor, but farther east than the strip maps above cover.

Original Hand Drawn
4th Edition Digital



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Last update: 19 July 2007

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