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Attanasio, Orazio
Bhagwati, Jagdish N.
Bresnahan, Tim
Deardorff, Alan V.
Levinsohn, James A.
Staiger, Robert W.
Wolak, Frank
Goldberg, Pinelopi Koujianou (Penny) 1
Grossman, Gene M. 2
Melitz, Marc 3
Grandmont, Jean-Michel 4

Luong, Tuan Anh

Ph.D. 2011  Princeton
Location (2018): De Montfort

Luong, Tuan Anh
Thesis: "Essays on International Trade"
  1Goldberg: "Penny is a very caring advisor. She always gave me the helpful advice when I needed."
  2Grossman: "Gene is the person who inspired me into the field. I also learn a lot from his professionalism."
  3Melitz: "Marc provided a fine example for me to look up to. He is an inspiration for young economists like me."
  4Grandmont: "And Jean-Michel is my first economic teacher. He encouraged me to become an economist."