Goldberg, Pinelopi Koujianou (Penny) 1
Grossman, Gene M. 2
Melitz, Marc 3
Grandmont, Jean-Michel 4

Luong, Tuan Anh

Ph.D. 2011
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Antràs, Pol
Atkin, David
Brambilla, Irene
Bustos, Paula
Carmichael, Calum M.
Chaney, Thomas
Chen, Cheng
Chor, Davin
Costinot, Arnaud
De Loecker, Jan
Fajgelbaum, Pablo
Hallak, Juan Carlos
Harrison, Ann E.
Keuschnigg, Christian
Khandelwal, Amit
Koren, Miklós
Krishna, Kala
Levinsohn, James A.
Manova, Kalina
Pavcnik, Nina
Podhorsky, Andrea
Porto, Guido G.
Richardson, Martin D.
Rodrik, Dani
Saggi, Kamal
Vogel, Jonathan
Wu, Xiaodong
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Luong, Tuan Anh
Thesis: "Essays on International Trade"
  1Goldberg: "Penny is a very caring advisor. She always gave me the helpful advice when I needed."
  2Grossman: "Gene is the person who inspired me into the field. I also learn a lot from his professionalism."
  3Melitz: "Marc provided a fine example for me to look up to. He is an inspiration for young economists like me."
  4Grandmont: "And Jean-Michel is my first economic teacher. He encouraged me to become an economist."