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Haberler, Gottfried
Johnson, Harry G.
Keynes, John Maynard
Mundell, Robert A.
Sohmen, Egon
Triffin, Robert
Grubel, Herbert 1
Johnson, Harry G. 2
Penrose, Edith 3

Rugman, Alan

Ph.D. 1974  Simon Fraser
Deceased 2014

Rugman, Alan
  1Grubel: "My supervisor. He suggested to take his 1968 article in AER on 'Internationally diversified portfolios' and apply it to FDI."
  2Johnson: "Whose lectures I attended in doing my M.Sc. at SOAS from 1966/7. He taught me internation economics."
  3Penrose: "My M. Sc. supervisor at the School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS, 1966/7. She taught me development economics, but NOT the resource based view!"