Grubel, Herbert 1
Johnson, Harry G. 2
Penrose, Edith 3

Rugman, Alan

Ph.D. 1974  Simon Fraser
Location (2014): Reading
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Anderson, Kym
Bhagwati, Jagdish N.
Blackhurst, Richard
Bouet, Antoine
Choudhri, Ehsan U.
Corden, W. Max
Dee, Philippa
Dornbusch, Rudiger
Grubel, Herbert
Kamath, Shyam J.
McCulloch, Rachel
Mundell, Robert A.
Mussa, Michael L.
Pomfret, Richard
Razin, Assaf
Robinson, Sherman
Södersten, Bo
Wonnacott, Ronald J.
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Gestrin, Michael
Oh, Chang Hoon

Rugman, Alan
  1Grubel: "My supervisor. He suggested to take his 1968 article in AER on 'Internationally diversified portfolios' and apply it to FDI."
  2Johnson: "Whose lectures I attended in doing my M.Sc. at SOAS from 1966/7. He taught me internation economics."
  3Penrose: "My M. Sc. supervisor at the School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS, 1966/7. She taught me development economics, but NOT the resource based view!"