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Adric's Insanity

Call of Cthulhu is all about trying to survive against immensely powerful beings, save the earth, and fitfully grasp at that fragile human concept known as "sanity". Ah, isn't it quaint...
I have run Call of Cthulhu since the autumn of 1995. I think. No, wait, it has to have been earlier than that. Uhm...anyway, the general plotline has been broken up into three mostly-separate campaigns, which I call Volumes. Each plot is moved forward by individual stories, which I call Chapters. Neat, huh?

The events of each story have been painstakingly written down by yours truely, in the hopes that someone cares. You can read everything that has happened to our hapless (though rarely gunless) investigators simply by selecting a volume image at the bottom of this rant. Sporatically updated, these volumes contain a synopsis of the most important actions of the adventures of the investigators. I should mention, however, that secret clues will not be revealed until the entire volume has been completed.

Volume Imagemap
Volume I: Years of the Apocalypse Volume II: Sight Unseen Volume III: Winner Takes All

You say you want to create a Call of Cthulhu character for my game? Great! All you have to do is send a check made out to--nevermind. Just click here.

Do you have any suggestions about what should happen to our intrepid investigators? Good! So do I. However, if you've got an idea that I haven't thought of, mail it to me! There's a mail-link at the bottom of the page.

Hope you've enjoyed your stay. If you have, write me! If you haven't, uhm, you don't HAVE to tell me...

adric (that's me)