“Process Understanding and Technology Validation”

Our research “from flask to field” focuses on the fundamental understanding of microbial processes in the laboratory and their application at the pilot scale in the field. 

Our approach as illustrated in the left figure demonstrates how information collected at the field scale (biogechemistry and geophysics) is integrated with process understanding at the laboratory scale (microbial and chemical characterization) using geostatistical tools (spatial and temporal uncertainty).  The figure on the right indicates the scale and cost associated with cause-and-effect demonstration of the projects our research has engaged in.

Since 1990, we have applied this approach to:

  1. 1.    Identification and stimulation of degradative activity in sediments (1990-99)

  2. 2.    Bioaugmentation of natural degradative activity in groundwater (1992-2004)

  3. 3.    Dechlorination and metal sequestration using biogenic nanoparticles (1992-current)

  4. 4.    In situ sediment caps for contaminant containment (2003-current)

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