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World Wide Web Related Information
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Online File Access

Uploading Files to the WWW

File Transfer Protocol 

Accessing IFS Space [update this link]

Downloading From the WWW

NCSA:  A Beginner's Guide to html


University of Michigan

Documents Center (Check out Demographics, Housing, Sociology, etc.) -- Statistical Resources
ICPSR - Data Access
Map Library

Michigan Data

Demographic, Economic, Educational, Geographic and Recreational Data, (Michigan Information Center)
Labor Market Data (Michigan Department of Career Development)
County Profiles (Michigan Economic Development Corporation)
SEMCOG (Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
Michigan School Profiles (Michigan Department of Education)
FIA Data

Federal/National Data

Bureau of Transportation Statistics
U.S. Census and Related Sites
National Public School Locator

International Data

Demographic and Social Statistics, (United Nations)
National Statistics, (United Nations)
National and Comparative Profiles, (United Nations)
Selective International City Profiles, (United Nations)
Development Data, (World Bank)
International Labor Migration Database, (International Labor Organization)

Academic Resources

Research Methods

Statistical Sites

Data Presentation Sites

Web Citations

Software and Planning Resources

Software Sites

Planning Resources

Spatial Analysis and GIS

Software Sites

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