UP504 • Other Methods: Evaluation & Case Study Research

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Date: March 31


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We spend one session examining two common research approaches in planning: (policy) evaluation & case study research

Readings & Resources on....

• Case Studies

Yin, Robert K. "Introduction," in Applications of Case Study Research. 2nd edition, Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, 1993, pp. xi-xviii. [electronic reserves]
Yin, Robert K. "Introduction," in Case Study Research: Design and Methods. 2nd ed edition, Beverly Hills: Sage Publications, 1994, pp. 1-17. [electronic reserves]
Campbell, Scott. Case Studies in Planning: Comparative Advantages and the Problem of Generalization. (URRC Working Paper).


• Linking Evaluation to Economic Development

Reese, Laura and David Fasenfest ("What Works Best...") and Daniel C. Knudsen ("Rejoinder...") "What Works Best?: Values and the Evaluation of Local Economic Development Policy" and "Rejoinder: Values, Valuation and Evaluation: Limits of Theory on Practice, ." Economic Development Quarterly, Vol. 11, No. 3, August 1997, pp. 195-211. [electronic reserves]



NOTE: other methods (not covered in class and therefore not covered on the exam):

• (Social) Network Analysis/Mapping  

International Network for Social Network AnalysisComputer Programs for Social Network Analysis
processing.org • Example: "Spies" (nytimes)
orgnet / inflow
Modeling self-organization of communication and topology in social networksSelf-Assembling of Information in Networks (Center for Models of Life, Danish National Research Foundation).
slashdot: social-network mapping tools compared
Touchgraph: Touchgraph Google Browser


• Innovative Approaches  to Mapping

Mark Newman (UM: Physics + Complex Systems): gallery of network images
James Moody, Ohio State: sexual networks
facebook social network maps: example
Sergio Porta, Paolo Crucitti, Vito Latora, "The Network Analysis of Urban Streets: A Primal Approach"