Assignment 2: Results

last updated:  Wednesday, March 7, 2007 9:43 AM

UP504 (Campbell)
Winter 2007
University of Michigan


Each link below leads to a student's web page containing two graphs and one table:

  • one table and one graph from a data set found by each group
  • one graph from the data set provided


Please email me with the url of the group member whose ifs space has the graphs, and I will add it to the list below. It should have the following format:

You can test the link by creating a draft version of your file and uploading it to your html directory in your ifs space. You can always modify or replace this file before March 7. (If you click on a link below and reach a U-M page stating "missing page," this means that there is not yet a file with the address loaded in the student's html directory.)  Be sure that your link works before March 7.   Also: be sure that you load not only your web page itself (.html), but also the two files that contain the charts (which will most likely be .gif files, such as chart1.gif and chart2.gif). see this overview on web page design.

Note: Groups listed in the order I received your url. Within each group, names listed alphabetically.

Michelle Elder, Beth Rothman
Nicole Eisenmann, Vicki Kalkirtz
Erin Thoresen, Melon Wedick
Stephanie Bailey, Rebecca Mark
Ross Davidson, Carolyn Pivirotto
Kimiko Doherty, Kris Hammerberg
William Brodnax, Jon VanDerZee
Chris Girdwood
Monica Guerra, Erin Schumacher
Bonnie Wessler
Tyler Kinley, Nicole Lewis
Mark Hansford
Ben Stupka, Tim Parham
Seong yun Cho, Syeda Hussain
Jeff Storarr, Tobias Wacker
Danielle Bober, Mary Tangredi
Eric Beckett, James McMurray
Khalilah Burt, Sarah Powers
Andrew Walton
Lisa Morris, Rachel Wells
Jason Plummer
Gregory Hoogland
Aaron Batsakis, Sarah Ross