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Notes for Whitehead Hicks

1725 June 8. Petition. Thomas Hicks, for the passage of an act to authorize the cutting off the entail of certain lands in the township of Flushing, willed to him by his brother Whitehead Hicks, grandson of Daniel Whitehead. [1]

1726 Details of he petition were reviewed by the legislative council. [2]

The Petition of Thomas Hicks seting forth that Major Daniel Whitehead Deceased did by his Will Devise unto Grandson Whitehead Hicks since Deceased Diverse Tracts of Land with in the Township of flushing in the parish of Jamaica in Queens County but under the Limitation of a General Intail and that the petitioner is Eldest brother and heir of the said Whitehead Hicks to whom the said Tracts of Land Descend in Tail by virtue of the said Devise and that he had in pursuance of an Instruction from the Regency in his Majestys name to his Excellency dated at Whitehall the 23d of July 1723 given due notice of his Intention to apply for such An Act Therefore prays that the said Notification and Affidavit thereupon may be read by which it will appear he hath fully complyed with the said Instruction and that his Excellency may be Induced to give his Assent to a Bill to be brought into the honourable House of Representatives for the Ends aforesaid, was read as likewise the Notifications and affidavits thereupon which follows in these words

These are to give notice to whom it may concern that whereas Major Daniel Whitehead Deceased Did by his Last Will and Testament devise and bequeath unto his Grandson Whitehead Hicks since deceased Diverse Tracts of Land within the Township of Flushing in the parish of Jamaica Being Eleven Lotts of Ten acres each and some other small Parcells but under the Limitation of a General Intail, I the underwritten Thomas Hicks Eldest brother and heir of the said Whitehead Hicks to whom the same Lands are Devolved do design to apply to the Honourable the General Assembly of this Colony of Newyork for the passing of An Act to Cut of the said Intail and that the said Lands may be vested in me in ffee simple. T Hicks Junr

Jamaica the 16th Octo'r 1725
Richard Comes of full age maketh oath on the holy Evangelists of Almighty God sayth that the within notice or publication was standing on the Church Door of the said parish of Jamaica within mentioned three several Sundays and that no objection was ever made against the same in the hearing or presence of this Deponent and further sayth not. Rich'd Comes

Sworn before me this 25/t of lMa9 1726, Jonathan Whitehead, Justice
And M' Clowes being called in did Declare upon oath that solme time towards the Latter end of April Last he saw the advertisement now shewn him or a true copy thereof as he verily believes upon a Sabbath day nailed openly on the Door of the Parish Church of Jamaica after which time he went to Orange County in which Journey about nine days Elapsed and that at his return to Jamaica he saw the same Paper (as he believes) still remaining nailed at the same place upon another Sabbath day and he does believe the said paper had there remained openly fixed during all the time he was absent on his said Journey and further that the said advertisement is his own handwriting and that lie writ the same at the request of the said Thomas Hicks and that the said advertisement was so fixt that any person might read it as pleased.

Whereupon It is the opinion of this Board that the said Notice is agreable to the Intent and meaning of the said Instruction.

1757 April 25. Memorial. Thomas Jones, clerk of the court of Queens county, against the acts of Whitehead Hicks (perhaps a nephew), who claims to be such clerk, and against Benjamin Ilinchman, who refuses to deliver up the records, ho having been deputy clerk under Andrew Clark, the former clerk. [3]


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