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Notes for Mary Whitehead

1693 John Taylor, son in law to Daniel Whitehead owned land called Dosoris which he got from Daniel Whitehead. [1]

1709 Mr Urquhart dated his will on August 29, and died within a few days. He bequeathed to wife Mary Urquhart "all my estate in America, both real and personal, of what nature or kind what so ever it be" and named his "well-beloved wife, Mary Urquhart, my sole and whole executrix of this my last will and testament". Mary continued to reside in the parsonage after his death. [2]

A biosketch of Mary Whitehead, daughter of Daniel Whitehead reports [3]:

Mary Whitehead, married (1st) John Taylor, of Oyster Bay; (2d) Thomas Burroughs; (3d) Rev. William Urquhart, the English church missionary to Jamaica, Long Island, from 1704 to 1709. By her first husband, Mary Whitehead had a daughter, Abigail Taylor, born 1695, married in 1714, Rev. Benjamin Woolsey (grandson of George Woolsey, of Yarmouth, England), who lived at Dosoris, Long Island, a homestead that John Taylor had bought of Major Daniel Whitehead. Abigail Woolsey died March 29, 1771. By her second husband Mary Whitehead had a daughter, Mary Burroughs, mentioned in Major Daniel Whitehead's will.


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