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Notes for Nicholas Frecheville

1488 "Re-grant from Sir Thos. Wortteley, knt., Nicholas Gausell, John Sanford, esqs., Nicholas Worrteley, brother of Sir Thomas, Nicholas Serleby, jun., Roger Eyre, jun., and John Skyres, gentilmen, and Richard Witehed, chaplain, to Nicholas Fretchevyle, son of Peter Fretchvyle, of Staveley, of houses and lands in Staveley and Chestrefeld, Hannesworth Wodhouse, and Hertell [co. York.], (held by them as feoffees of said Peter), with remainder (i) to Ralph Fretchevyle, brother of the said Nicholas; (2) to Anker his brother; (3) to John, elder brother of the said Nicholas, Ralph, and Anker; and (4) to be sold and disposed of for the souls of the said Peter and his family. With power of attorney to John Bothe of Staveley, sen., and Richard Whitehede of the same, to give seisin. Witn. Thomas Hellgate of Chestrefeld, John Rodes of Nederthorp, Thomas Robyn of the same, etc. Dat. 19 May, 3 Hen. VII. [1488]. (Add. 40151.) " [1]


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