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Notes for Mary Eason Linda Lattin

1860 Mary L Lattin (age 3, born in Ohio) lived in Jackson Twp, Darke County, Ohio, in a household with Joseph S Lattin (age 35), Catharine Lattin (age 29), Alonzo Lattin (age 10), Madorah Lattin (age 8), James S Lattin (age 6), and Eliza Lattin (age 3). [1] [2]

1870 Mary M Lattin (age 13, born in Ohio) lived in Box, Cedar County, Missouri, in a household with Joseph B Lattin (age 51), Catharine Lattin (age 42), Olivar A Lattin (age 20), Medora A Lattin (age 18), James S Lattin (age 16), Eliza S Lattin (age 11), Elisabeth Lattin (age 6), and Sarah Lattin (age 2). Mary M Lattin's occupation was at school. [3]

1873 Mary L Lattin and Henry Welch were married on September 4, 1873, in Cedar County, Missouri. [4]

1880 Mary Welch (age 27, born in Ohio, married), wife, lived in Clear Creek Twp, Vernon County, Missouri, in a household with Henry Welch (age 48), and William Welch (age 1). Mary Welch's parents were both born in Indiana. [5]

1881 Mrs Mary Welch and Hosea Seyman were married on October 16, 1881, in Vernon County, Missouri. [6]

1890 Hosea Wood Sigman, son of Hosea Sigman and Millie Welch, was born on April 21, 1890, in Hillsboro, Texas. [7]

1900 M L Sigman (born in Ohio in May 1856, married for 19 years), wife, lived in Elk, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, in a household with H Sigman (age 45), B L Sigman (age 17), Ural Sigman (age 15), J D Sigman (age 13), H W Sigman (age 11), S R Sigman (age 9), and M D Sigman (age 4). M L Sigman's parents were both born in Ohio. M L Sigman had had 8 children, 7 still living. [8]

1910 Mary Sigman (age 53, born in Ohio, married for 29 years), wife, lived in Justice Precinct 1, Montague County, Texas, in a household with H Sigman (age 54), Hogie Sigman (age 20), Bell S Sigman (age 18), and May D Sigman (age 15). Mary Sigman's father was born in Indiana and her mother was born in New Jersey. Mary Sigman could read and write. [9]

1910 W A Welch (age 29, born in Missouri, married for 12 years) lived in Weatherford Ward 1, Custer County, Oklahoma, in a household with Anna V Welch (age 27), Elosia Welch (age 11), Joseph D Welch (age 9), Flora E Welch (age 8), and Walter A Welch (age 4). W A Welch's father was born in Missouri and his mother was born in Iowa. W A Welch could read and write. W A Welch's occupation was carpenter, House, wage earner. [10]

1910 William Andrew Welch died on October 15, 1910, and was buried at Greenwood Cemetery Weatherford, Custer County, Oklahoma. [11] A biosketch reports:

William Andrew Welch born May 1879, in Vernon/Cedar, Missouri, the only surviving child of Henry E. II Welch & Mary E. Lattin, he married Annie Valeria Mathews on May 17, 1898. Survivors at the time he died, included, his wife and four children, Elosia Lousia (Welch) Ball, Joseph Daniel "Bud" Welch, Flora Esther (Welch) Virgil, and Walter Andrew Welch, and his mother Mary E. (Lattin/Welch) Sigman. William died on Oct 10, 1910 from Typhoid fever. He was a House Carpenter and lived in Weatherford, Custer Co., Oklahoma.

1919 Mary Linda Lattin Sigman died on February 20, 1919 and was buried at Starkey Cemetery Saint Jo, Montague County, Texas. [12]


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