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Notes for Alice Payne

The pedigree of Eyre of Wedhampton in the 1565 Wiltshire visitation describes John Eyre's wife "Alys" as "one of the da's and heirs of Stephen Payne of Motcombe, co. Dorset, Esq." [1]

1554 John Eyre of Chirton, Wiltshire, wrote his will on April 26. [2]

In the name of god Amen The xxvjti daie of Aprill in the yere of our Lorde god A Thousande fyve hundredth fiftie and fowre, I John Eyre of Chirton in the Countie of Wiltes' gentilman sicke in bodie and hole of mynde and memorie make my testament and Last will after this maner. First I bequeathe my soule to Almightie god my onely Grace and Saviour. And my bodie to be buried in the parishe churche of Chirton. Item I giue and bequeathe to the said Churche ten shillings Item to the reparacons of the Lydewaye xiij s iiij d. Item I will all my seruentes to be rewarded after the discretion of myne Executours at the least besides their wages iij s iiij d. Item I give and bequeath my lease of the manor of Chirton to Alice my wife and to her assignes during her naturall Lief And after her Lief naturall the same Lease to remayne to John Eyre my Eldest Sonne and to his assignes. Item I will that my lease of the ferme of Orstoy mary remanye and to be in the Rule & Custody of myne Executours for Seven yeres and the profytts therof yerely growing & comynge during the said vij yeres to be distributed at their discretions And after the said yeres the same Lease to remayne to Christofer Eyre my youngest sonne and to his assignes. Item all therest of my Leases goodes and cattells not given nor bequeathed I give and bequeathe to Alice my wife and to Christofer Eyre my brother whom I make and ordeyne to be myne Executours to distribute them as they shall thynke mete by their discretions for the welth of my soule and all cristen sowles. I will also John Eyre my eldest sonne and George Hampton my wifs sonne to be my true & faithfull overseers of this my last will and testament Witness to this my last will Nicholas Bacon gent Richard Miles Thomas Tasker and Geffrey Lythell with other.

1554 The will of John Eyre was proved on June 6. Probatum fuit superscriptum testamentum apud London coram … vjo die mens' Junij Anno dm millessimo quingentesimo quinquagesimo quarto. … [3]


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