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Notes for Clara Verlillia Brenizer

1862 Clara Vestillia Brenizer, daughter of Sarah A Brenizer, was born on October 14, 186[1,?]. She was baptized on May 26, 1866 at Trindle Spring Lutheran Church, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. [1]

1870 Ritner and Sarah Brenizer lived in Shippensburg Twp, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania with children Jacob (age 14), Clara (age 7), Anna (age 3), and Ella M (age 2 months). [2]

c 1872 Clara Brenizer, perhaps (unlabeled photo)

c 1877 Clara Brenizer and her sister Anna Mary, perhaps (unlabeled photo)

c 187x Clara Brenizer kept several unlabeled pictures, likely of herself and her sisters.

1880 Joseph R. Brenizer and wife Sarah A. Brenizer lived in Jackson Twp, Darke County, Ohio with children Clara V (age 17), Anna M (age 14), Ella M (age 10), and John A (age 7). Clara and Anna were single and kept house with their mother Sarah. [3] [4]

1880 Clara Brenizer was reported by the Union City Times (January 17) to be among 10 young women and 10 young men who attended a "phantom-party" at the home of McDonald. [5]

Clara Brenizer, perhaps, about 1881 (unlabeled photo)

c 1881 Clara "went west in a covered wagon at age 16 with friends, to care for baby" [Letter to Robert Wolfe (1983) from Faith Geraldine Wolfe Betts]. The "baby" was named in a letter from Grace Wolfe Wilson to Ranald Wolfe [dated 7 Aug 1957], who wrote that "There were Jim, Joe and Wash Eichelberger, also Cora and Mary. Wash (and Mahala) went West With their baby, Ora, and Mama [i.e. Clara] went With them." The 1895 Kansas census and the 1900 US census report Ohio as the birthplace for Ora, born 1881, and Ellen, born 1884, which suggests that the Eichelbergers did not move to Kansas until after 1884. W. L Eichelberger and family lived in Buckeye Twp, Dickinson County, Kansas in 1885 [6]. W. L. and Mahala Eichelberger lived in Belpre, Edwards County, Kansas in 1895 [7]. Clara's brother, J. A. (Jacob Addison) and his wife F.E. Brenizer, lived in Washington County, Kansas in 1885 [8], at whose house Clara and Ira Wolfe were likely married [See 1885 marriage note for Ira Wolfe and Clara Brenizer].


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