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Notes for John Toke

John Toke of Greate Charte, gentilman, 15 Janyver 1511. To be buried in the churche of Oure Lady in Charte before Seynt John Baptist next the tombe of William Goldwell if it please God so to purvey for me. To reparacion of the said church 20s. To Anne my wyff half my instuff of household, the other amongst my childern. To my doughter Margaret £10. To an honest prest to syng in the church of Charte and somtyme in the Chapell of Mardall 10 marke by yere to syng for my soull, my lorde James Godwell soule, my father and mother, my brother Richard, my wyff Margaret soule and all xpen soules. My wyff shall have £20 by yere during the noneage of Cristofre and Nicholas my sonnes. To John Toke after the deth of my wiff my landes at Beuer and to exchaunge with Lucas for the landes in Goddington yf it maye be. After decesse of my wiff Antony to have my landes at Styllyng, Eluested, Hyhardes and Waltham and for lack of heirs to remain to Cristofer and for lacke to Nicholas and for lacke of such heires to John Toke and his heires.
Executors my wyff, John Tooke and Richard Engham thelder.
Proved 2 July 1513. (P.C.C. 18 Fetiplace) [Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 53 page 73b, Kent Archeological Society, http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Libr/Wills/Bk53/page%2073b.htm]

Canterbury Cathedral Archives CCA-U305/33: Brass Rubbing (1972) of John Toke d 1513, in armour, with his wives Margaret and Anne, full length, with a Latin inscription from Great Chart church. Paper, black heelball, torn, 1 image, 762x1315mm