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William Samuel Decatur Wikle

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Ancestors of William Samuel Decatur Wikle

            ┌─Valentine Weigel ⇒

         ┌─Martin Weigel 

         │  └─Maria Funcher ⇒

      ┌─Peter Weigel 

      │  │  ┌─Nicholas Friddel 

      │  └─Anna Dorothea Friedel 

      │     └─Ana Catharina Reiffel 

   ┌─Henry Wikle 

   │  │  ┌─Simon Wittmeyer 

   │  └─Mary Magdalena Wittmeyer 

   │     │  ┌─Conrad Klingenmayer ⇒

   │     └─Anna Maria Klingenmayer 

   │        └─Magdalena Sophia Hardtmann ⇒

 William Samuel Decatur Wikle 

   └─Anna Bandy