Janet and Robert Wolfe Genealogy

Tommy D Chittick

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Ancestors of Tommy D Chittick

      ┌─LLewellyn Clark 

   ┌─John Elvin Clark-Chittick 

   │  └─Jennie Catherine McPherson 

 Tommy D Chittick 

   │        ┌─Samuel S Norton ⇒

   │     ┌─Lewis L Norton 

   │     │  └─Elizabeth Hinshaw ⇒

   │  ┌─Samuel Asa Norton 

   └─Bessie Evelyn Norton 

      │     ┌─William Kidd Marquis ⇒

      │  ┌─William Kidd Marquis 

      │  │  └─Mary Polly Stingley ⇒

      └─Minnie Belle Marquis 

         └─Fannie Coats