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Notes for John Hutchinson and Ann Stanaland

1712 On 28 of month 10, John Hutchinson was born, child of John and Phebe (Kirkbride) Hutchinson. [1]

1736 On 13 of month 2, John Hutchinson, son of John of Falls Twp, Bucks County, Pennsylvania married Ann Stanaland, daughter of Thomas of Bristol Twp, at Falls monthly meeting. [2] [3]

1749 newspaper "Run away, the 17th instant, from John Hutchinson, of Bristol, in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, joiner, an apprentice lad, named William Heaton, a lusty healthy fellow, about 5 feet 9 inches high, is this country born, between 19 and 20 years of age, and has about 18 months to serve; he can neither read nor write, is of a bold countenance, and one of his ancles bends inwards, from a cut thereon: He had on, and with him, when he went away, a light blue duroy coat, jacket and breeches, new, a snuff colour'd drugget jacket, a pair of trowsers, one pair thread stockings, a pair coarse blue stockings, and two pair light blue worsted stockings. He has also found means to get his indentures, which he has probably with him. Whoever takes up the said apprentice, and secures him, so that his master may have him again, shall have Five Pounds reward, and reasonable charges, paid by John Hutchinson.". The Pennsylvania Gazette, September 21, 1749.

1757 newspaper "Bristol, March 23, 1757. Left, about a Twelvemonth ago, at the House of John Hutchinson, at the Sign of the Crown, in the Borough of Bristol, a Wallet, containing some wearing Apparel. The Owner is desired to fetch it away, paying the Expences thereon, otherwise they will be sold in three Months from the Date hereof. John Hutchinson. " The Pennsylvania Gazette, March 31, 1757. This could be our John Hutchinson.

1762 newspaper "Bristol, Feb. 16, 1762. Whereas Samuel Cary, of Newtown, in the County of Bucks, has, by Advertisement of the First Instant, given Notice of his Intention to sell the House I now live in, on the first Day of March next, and that the Buyer may take Possession of the same on the first Day of May next: Now this serves to acquaint the Public, that I have a Lease on the said House until the first Day of May 1764, by Virtue of which I intend to keep Possession until the Expiration of the same. He likewise gives Notice of his Intention to sell the Out houses, &c. the greater Part of which are my Property, and therefore he cannot dispose of them. N.B. All Persons having any Demands against the Estate of John Hutchinson, late of Bristol, deceased, are hereby desired to settle the same with me: And those that are indebted to said Estate, are requested to make speedy Payment, to prevent Trouble. Ann Hutchinson, Administratrix." The Pennsylvania Gazette, February 18, 1762.

1760 John Hutchinson died and was buried at Bristol. [4]

1761 The will of Ann Hutchinson of borrough of Bristol, late wife of John Hutchinson, was dated 7 Jan 1761 and proved 13 Dec 1762. Named children Phebe, John, Thomas, and Rebecca. Uncle Maholon Kirkbride. Executors were brother-in-law John Hutchinson and son John Hutchinson. Witnessed by En. Williams and Joseph Church. Letters granted to Michel Hutchinson and John Hutchinson Jr. [5]

1762 On 17 of month 11, Ann Hutchinson, widow of John Hutchinson died and was buried at Bristol. [6]

1762 John Hutchinson, innkeeper and joyner of Bristol Borough, left widow Ann (entry dated 10 march 1762, perhaps after her death), Thomas (age 12) and Rebeckah (age 5). Hugh Hartshorn appointed guardian. Children John (eldest son), Phebe (wife of William Ashton), Thomas, and Rebecca were named in 1763. [7]

1762 On 15 December, Ann Hutchinson of Bristol, widow of John Hutchinson had executors Michael and John Hutchinson. Children Thomas (age 13) and Rebecca (age 6). Michael Hutchinson and Hugh Hartshorne appointed guardians. [8]


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