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Notes for Nathan Pickett and Catherine McIntire

1836 Nathan and James and Micajah Pickett [perhaps sons of William Pickett and Mary King] were early settlers in Webster Parish, Louisiana. [1]

The first entries in Township l9, Range 10, were made by Reuben Drake and John Bauskett on Section 1, John W. Hughes on Section 3, Nathan Pickett and William Ferriday on Section 7, 5 James Surget on Section 9, Solomon High and Emilius P. Bry on Section 15, Robert Davis on Section 17, James M. and Micajah Pickett on Section 20, Andrew Lawson and Peter G. Thompson on Section 26, Algernon S. Robertson on Section 29, Harrison Presnall, Duncan McDougall and John Stamps on Section 36, in 1836.

1837 Nathan Pickett and William Ferriday, of Adams County, Mississippi, recieved patents for land from the office at Ouachita, Louisiana. [2] [3] [4] [5]

1846 Nathan Pickett warranted 76 acres of land at the office at Natchitoches, Louisiana. Dated September 1. [6]

1850 Nathan Pickett (age 44, born in South Carolina) lived in Townships 15 and 16 Ward 1, Bossier Parish, Louisiana, in a household with Catharine Pickett (age 37), Hephestian Pickett (age 18), James Pickett (age 14), Josephine Pickett (age 12), Nathan Pickett (age 9), Alice Pickett (age 7), Thomas Pickett (age 5), Kosciasko Pickett (age 3), and John Wooden (age 34). [7]

1860 Nathan Pickett (age 17, born in Louisiana) lived in Yazoo County, Mississippi, in a household with T E Bradshaw (age 46), Margaret Bradshaw (age 26), John Bradshaw (age 6), William Bradshaw (age 5), Oscar Bradshaw (age 3), Jesse Bradshaw (age 1), A Kerr (age 40), and Koss Pickett (age 12). Nathan Pickett's occupation was student. [8]

A biosketch of Thomas Pickett, son of Nathan Pickett, reported [9]:

Thomas G. Pickett, although just in the prime of life, has made his way to the front ranks among the energetic farmers of Bossier Parish, and owing to the attention he has always paid to each minor detail he has accumulated a fair share of this world's goods. He was born in the parish in which he is now living, his birth occurring in 1846, and was the eleventh of twelve children born to Nathan and Catherine (McIntire) Pickett, who were born in South Carolina, but were married in Mississippi, and from that State came to Bossier Parish, La., first settling in the Point, but afterward in different parts of the parish. Mr. Pickett was a worthy tiller of the soil, and died in 1855, his wife having passed to her long home two years earlier, both members of the Christian Church. Thomas G. Pickett inherits Scotch and Irish blood of his father, and his youth was spent on the latter’s plantation in Louisiana, his education being received in Yazoo County, Miss.


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