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Notes for Samuel Stockton and Amy Doughty

1719 On 18 of 4th month (June), Samuel Stockton, of Somerset County, and Amy Doughty, daughter of Jacob Doughty of Burlington County, were married at Chesterfield, Burlington County, New Jersey. Witnesses: Jacob Doughty, Susanna Leonard, Amy Doughty, Tho. Leonard, Richard Stockton, Joseph Stockton, Robert Stockton, John Stockton, Richard Ridgway, Abigail Ridgway, Sam'l Wilson, Esther Wilson, Henry Clothier, Peter Teason, Jn'o Ballinger, Job Ridgway, Jn'o JOnes, Mary Jones, Sarah Doughty, Elizabeth Doughty, Wm. Wood Sen, Len'd Rockhill, Abra Bickley, Richard French, Richard Smith Jr, John Wood, Preserve Brown Jr, Thomas Folkes Jr, John Bunting, Jose Rockhill, David Rockhill, James Leonard, Willi Montgomery Jr, Anthony Woodward Jr, William Wood Jr, John Leonard, Abra Brown, Edm'd Beakes, Joseph Reckless, Susanna Fairman, Martha Davenport, Marcy Stevenson, Mary Stevenson, Anne Researrick, Margery Allen, Constant Woodward, Susan Taylor Jr, Mary Taylor, and Anne Rockhill. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Research Notes:

The will of Samuel Stockton, and other documents, named several heirs. However, the wife was named Rachel, and son Samuel named his grandfather Joseph Stout. Did Samuel marry Rachel Stout, after Amy died? [6]

1739 Oct. 13. Stockton, Samuel, Esq., of Somerset Co.; will of. Wife, Rachel. Sons — Samuel (eldest), Joseph, Richard (all under age). Daughters — Ame, Rachell and Ruth (all under 21). Plantation on the King's Road; meadows adjoining land of brothers, Joseph and John Stockton; mansion and plantation on the east side of Stony brook; plantation whereon Benjamin Runyon now lives, joining Henry Freeman's land; meadows, (100 acres) on Millstone River, joining lands of Bearfoot Brunson and my brother, Richard Stockton, in Somerset Co., formerly belonging to Dr. Greenland, and now in possession of Joseph Knoks. Executrix — wife, Rachell. Executors — brother, John Stockton, and James Worth. Witnesses — William Holmes, William Worth, Lewis Charles Faneuill. Proved 12 Dec, 1739. Lib. C, p. 304.

1739[/1740?] March 30. Stockton, Samuel, of Somerset Co., aged about 15. Bond of Benjamin Doughty as guardian. John Clark, fellow bondsman. Both of New Windsor, Middlesex Co. Witness — John Forman. Lib. C, p. 325.

1748 April 8. Stockton, Samuel, of Princetown, Somerset County, deceased. Letter of Jos. Stout dated at Hopewell, asking that a guardian be appointed for his grandson, Joseph Stockton. Joseph Stout has sent his son with said grandson.

1748 April 9. The Petition of Joseph Stockton, aged 16 years and upwards, son of Samuel Stockton, late of Somerset County, deceased. That the father did not in life time or by will appoint a guardian over said Joseph, who is now upward of 14, and has lands given him by his father's will. Requests that his grandfather, Joseph Stout, be appointed guardian. Bond of Joseph Stout, of Hunterdon County, as guardian. Jonathan Stout, of Hunterdon County, surety. Witnesses — David and Andrew Stout. (Hunterdon Wills), Lib. 5, p. 443.

Witnesses to the marriage were: Jacob, Amy, Sarah, Elizabeth Doughty; Wm. Wood, Richard French, Thomas Folkes, Preserve Brown, John Bunting, Wm. Montgomery, Anthony Woodward, Joseph Reckless, John Leonard, Richard Stockton; Joseph, Robert and John Stockton. [Chesterfield Friends MM Marriage Records 1686-1800 p 669 & 665]


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