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Notes for John Jones and Mary Doughty

1717 John Jones, of Meirion, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (son of Edward), and Mary Doughty, of Crosswicks, Burlington County, New Jersey, daughter of Jacob, married at Crosswicks on 12th 9th mo. 1717. Witnesses: Edward Jones, Jacob Doughty, Amy Doughty, Eliz'a Walters Jonathan Jones, Edward Jones, Evan Jones, Daniel Doughty, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Jones, Sarah Doughty, Amy Doughty, Deborah Doughty, Elizabeth Doughty, Peter Fearon, Esther Middleton, Susan Fairman, Morey Stevenson, Mary Cadwallader, John Doughty, Samuel Bunting, William Baldwin, Rowland Ellis, Roos Thomas, Tho. Lambert, Peter Frettwell, Harmanus King, Jn'o Bunting, Preserve Brown, Daniel Smith, Caleb Raper, Rich. Smith, Jn'o Jones, Dan'l Smith Jun, Jn'o Middleton, Natt Stevenson, Jn'o Burley, Ross Thomas Jr, George Nicholson, Jone'th Wood, Matt Watson, Rich'd Jones, Francis Doughty, Jr., Wm Wood Jr, Mary Marriott, Mary Clayton, Abigail Raper Jr, Eliz Grubb, Mary Abbot, Anne Abbot Jr, Phebe Bunting, Anne Abbot, and Marg. Wood. [1] [2] [3]

1756 Son John Jones, Jr. of Philadelphia, Pa. married 1756/08/12 Mary Brown of Nottingham Twp, daughter of Preserve Brown and Mary French at Chesterfield. Witnesses were Preserve, Mary, Richard, Sarah, Sarah, Abia, William Brown, Mary, Rebecca, Doughty Jones; John Sykes, Joseph Stockton, Amos Middleton, Ambrose Field, William Lawrie, Timothy Abbott and others. [4] [5]

Research Notes:

John Jones, the sixth child of Edward Jones and Mary Wynne, is not to be confused with Jonathan Jones, a Chyrurgion (surgeon), who married Gainor Owen. [6] [7]

Mary Doughty was named as a daughter of Jacob Doughty and Amy Whitehead and as the wife of Jones. [8]


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