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Notes for Thomas Hicks and Deborah Whitehead

1698/99 On 11 January, John Hinchman, of Flushing, sold, for £707, to Thomas Hicks Jr, of Cow Neck Hempstead, a house and 50 acre lot at the Bayside, and two 50 acre lots (numbers 30 and 31) in Flushing, Long Island. [1]

1698 Thomas Hicks, Deborah, Abigail, Deborah, Thomas, Mary, Hicks were listed as residents of Hempstead, Long Island, New York in the August census. [2]

1700 On 25 June, Richard Chew of Flushing sold to Thomas Hicks Jr, "my plantation" on 37 acres of land on Mallagarucoves bay in Flushing bounded south by Thomas Hicks, north by Francis Doughty, east by the bay, west by highway. [3]

1702 Thomas Hicks, perhaps this Thomas or his father, was sheriff of Queens County, Long Island, New York. [4]

1702 On April 11, Thomas Hicks Jr, of Flushing, sold to John Moss of Stratford in New England, carpenter, for 200 pounds, 180 acres. [5]

1712 The will of Thomas Hicks transcription: "I, Thomas Hicks, Jr., of Flushing, in Queens County, being weak and indisposed. I leave to my wife, Deborah Hicks, the use and benefit of my homestead where I now live, to wit, that part that was James Clements, Together with 10 acres of woodland at the northeast corner of my 100 acres, and all the housing and orchards during her widowhood, Also the use of the meadow I bought of Francis Doughty, And the use of my whole plantation till my son, Thomas Hicks, comes of age. I leave to my son Thomas, all the lands and plantation I bought of Richard Chew, with all the 100 acres that I bought of John Hinchman, except the 10 acres at the northeast corner, which I leave to my son Augustine, Also the meadow that was formerly James Clements. I leave to my son, Augustine Hicks, all my homestead that was James Clements, after my wife's decease, Also the 10 acres of woodland at the northeast corner of my 100 acres, And all the meadow that was Francis Doughty's, with all the haying and orchards. I leave to my son Whitehead Hicks, all the 10 acre lots bought and purchased by my father in law Daniel Whitehead, deceased, Situate and lying upon the south side of the Hills, to him and his heirs and assigns. And my son Thomas is to pay to his brother Whitehead £25, when he is of age. And my son Augustine shall pay him £10. And my son Thomas shall pay to his brother, Stephenson Hicks, £100 when of age. I leave to my six daughters, Abigail, Deborah, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Martha, two thirds of movables. I appoint my wife executor, and my brother, Jacob Hicks, and Thomas Willett, Jr., and James Johnson, overseers. Dated April 30, 1712. Witnesses, James Clements, Francis Doughty, John Ryder. Proved, October 20, 1712. The widow Deborah Hicks, having died, and Thomas Willetts, Jr., and James Johnson, having refused the executorship, and the said Deborah Hicks having made a will and appointed John Rodman, Robert Fields, Francis Doughty and Samuel Bowne, executors, And Samuel Bowne and John Rodman by writing dated October 16th having refused, Letters of administration are granted Robert Field, Francis Doughty, and Jacob Hicks." [6]

1712 "I, Deborah Hicks, widow, late wife of Thomas Hicks, being weak in body but well in understanding. I think it convenient to settle and dispose of that estate my deceased husband left me, and make this my last will. Leaves £15 in money to Benjamin Field and Elizabeth his wife, with my youngest son, Stephenson Hicks, to bring him up. I leave all the rest of my estate to my seven children, Abigail, Deborah, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Martha and my son, Stephenson Hicks. My daughter Martha I bequeath to my loving friend, Martha Thorne, and my daughter Hannah I bequeath to my dear cousins, Robert and Phebe Field, desiring them to bring up my dear children in the way of truth and fear of God. I appoint my loving friends, John Rodman, Robert Field, Francis Dougherty and Samuel Bowne, executors. Dated the 14th day of 4th month, 1712. Witnesses, James Scriven, James Jacobsen, John Hasyter. Proved at Flushing, July 24, 1712, before John Coe, Esq., Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, and John Johnson and Samuel Bayley Justian, and confirmed by Governor Hunter, October 21, 1712." [7]

1712 "Deborah Hiks dyed ye ____ d 4 mo flushing 1712." [8]

Research Notes:

Sons Thomas, Augustine, and Whitehead were not named in the will of Deborah among "my seven children". However, Stephenson was named as her "youngest son", suggesting that there were others.

"Deborah Whitehead, married Capt. Thomas Hicks, Junior. Had issue: Thomas, Augustin, Whitehead, Stevenson, Abigail, Deborah, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah and Martha Hicks." [9]

1691 On day 30 of month 9, Francis Doughty, Charles Doughty, Elias Doughty, Thomas Hickes (perhaps this one or his father), and others, witnessed the marriage of Benjamin Field and Hannah Bowne at Flushing, Long Island, New York. [10]


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