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Notes for Thomas Betts and Mercy Whitehead

Mercy Whitehead, daughter of Daniel Whitehead, married Thomas Betts and after his death she married Joseph Sackett. [1] [2]

1693 On May 13, Thomas Betts Sr. of Newtown and Mercy his wife, sold land to Richard Betts. Thomas Betts had recently purchased the land from John Albertus and wife Sarah. [3]

1696 On September 5, Jonathan and Sarah Wright, of Flushing, and George and Elizabeth Wood sold a tract called "the Great Vly" to Thomas Betts, of Newtown. [4]

1698 Thomas Betts was listed as an inhabitant of Newtown, Long Island with a family of 12 persons and 4 negros in a census taken in August. [5]

1709 The will of Thomas Betts of Newtown was dated June 29, 1709 with probate on September 23, 1709. The will named wife Mary and children Mercy Hazard, Abigail Betts, Richard, Thomas, Daniel, Mary, Johannah, Elizabeth, Deborah. Overseers: John Berrien and John Stevenson. [6] [7]

Research Notes:

"Thomas Betts, second son of Captain Richard and his wife, Johanna, is described in the ancient deeds as "Gentleman" i. e., entitled to a coat-of-arms, and we know that he used the arms of the Betts of Woodhouse, near Wetherden, county Suffolk, England. He married, 1683, Mercy, daughter of Major Daniel Whitehead, and lived on a portion of the old homestead, serving as a magistrate until his death, in 1709. His widow married, 171 1, Captain Joseph Sackett, whose first wife was Thomas Betts' sister, Elizabeth." [8]


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