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Notes for Isaac Hicks and Charity

1738 April 6 Isaac Hicks (this one or reappointment of his father?) was appointed judge in Queens County. [1]

1761 Isaac Hicks wrote his will, abstracted as follows, "In the name of God, Amen. I, Isaac Hicks, of Hempstead, in Queens County, this 20 of January, 1761, being weak in body. 'In order to settle my affairs so as to prevent any difference after my decease.' I leave to my wife Charity a bed and furniture and £20 a year during her life. I leave to my son Edward all that part of my farm he has now in possession, being the land that formerly belonged to John Hicks. Also that piece of wood land that lies by the Hollow near the road that leads to Cow Neck, And he is to pay to my wife Charity £10 a year. I leave to my son Charles all the rest of my lands and meadows and house and buildings, and my wagon, plough, and harrow, and the use of a bed and bedding until he is married, and then to my daughters Amy and Sarah, And he is to pay to my wife Charity £10 a year. I leave to my daughter Amy my desk. To my daughter Sarah my riding chair, "but my family shall make use of my riding chair as they did during my life, so long as my family continue together," or till my daughter Sarah is married. I leave to my granddaughter, Fannie Cornell, £200. And I leave to my daughters Amy and Sarah the rest of my money, stock, and household goods. I make Stephen Hicks and Benjamin Hicks, Jr., executors. Witnesses: Henry Stocker, John Mitchell, Cornelius Van Wyck. Proved April 28, 1762. Cornelius Van Wyck being one of the People called Quakers." [2]


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