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Notes for William Quicksall and Sarah

1730 Sarah Quicksill, and many others, witnessed the marriage of Thomas Evens and Rebecca Owen on June 4, in Burlington, New Jersey. [1]

1743 Chesterfield meeting recorded the following, in August, perhaps related to Sarah or her daughter, Sarah [2]:

One of the friends apointed to inquire of the conversation of Sarah Quicksel took another friend with her, and spake with Sarah, and likewise made inquirie of her conversation, and they signifie they have pretty good satisfaction; and upon consideration of the meeting it is thought that she may be taken under the notice of friends until we see how her conversation may further be.

1745 William Quicksall [Quicksell], perhaps this one, was a freeholder in Chesterfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey. Dated April 15. [3]

1750 William Quicksall was listed among customers at Imlay's Store in Bordentown, New Jersey. [4]

1751 William Quicksall and his three brothers were listed in the town directory for Bordentown, New Jersey. [5]

1760 The will of William Quicksall, dated January 13, 1760 in Chesterfield, Burlington County, New Jersey named him as a yeoman with wife, Sarah. Children--Sarah Taylor, Daniel, William and Thomas. Real and personal estate. Executors--the wife, and sons Daniel and William. Witnesses--Jonathan Quicksall, Ann Quicksall, John Grimes. Proved April 7, 1760. On March 7, 1760, the inventory was valued at £190.10.9, incl. bills, and book debts, £35.4.2; made by Jonathan Quicksall and Samuel Taylor, Jr. [6]

1764 Sarah Quicsill requested forgiveness for having attended the marriage of a friend contrary to good order. Dated 1st of ye 11th month 1764? at the Chesterfield Meeting. [7]

1768 Sarah Quicksall, of Chester Twp, Burlington County, dated her will on May 16. Son, Thomas Quicksall, sheet and blanket. Son, Daniel Quicksall, 5 shillings. Son, William Quicksall, 5 shillings. Granddaughter, Mary Taylor, case of drawers. Daughter, Sarah Taylor, residue. Executors: son-in-law, John Taylor, and my daughter, Sarah Taylor, his wife. Witnesses: Sarah Scholey, Samuel Stevenson, Richard Brown. Proved July 13, 1768. 1768 with Inventory, July 9, £52.2.6, made by Edward Wheatcraft. [8] [9]

Research Notes:

William and Sarah Quicksell were named, in a genealogy of the Decou family, as the parents of Sarah Quicksell. [10]

Several Quicksall graves at Burlington in the Friends Burial Ground were listed, including graves in Section 2 for William (20) and Sarah (14) Quicksall. The section included graves for Aaron (1), Margaret (3), Benjamin (11), Rebecca (12), Sarah (14), Rebecca Sr (15), John (17), and William (20) Quicksall. [11]


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