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Notes for Fulk II fitz Warin and Hawise de Dinan

Research Notes:

Eyton states, [1]

He [Fulk fitz Warin I] was living at Michaelmas 1170, when the Gloucestershire Pipe-Roll assigns the Manor of Aloestan to Folcho fitz Warin: he was dead at Michaelmas 1171, when the Gloucestershire Pipe-Roll assigns the same Manor to Fulko, son of Fulko fitz Warin.

Fulk fitz Warin (II.), thus introduced to our notice, was he who having married Hawise, daughter and coheir of Joceas de Dinan, is stated by Legends to have made a claim upon Ludlow, a claim which, as I have before pointed out, was never allowed. [ftn. 7.]

The Shropshire Pipe-Roll of 1177 announces that Fulk fitz Warin had been amerced 40 merks by King Henry II., for forest-trespass. He had paid a part of the debt in 1176 to the Sheriff of Oxfordshire. The ultimate balance was paid in 1178 by hand of the Sheriff of Cambridgeshire. The false judgment pronounced by some provincial Court in 1180 against Fulk fitz Warin has already been noticed, and its probable circumstances stated. [ftn. 8] This was the Fulk fitz Warin who disputed the right of Shrewsbury Abbey to the Advowson of Alberbury and gained his point, though not without giving a consideration. The arrangement between the disputants is the subject of two curious Deeds, both of which seem to me to have passed about 1180.

"Fulcho, son of Fulcho fitz Warin, and his heirs, give and concede to Shrewsbury Abbey a virgate and half in the vill of Tadeslawe,” occupied by dwellers (hospitatam), and cultivated. They give it, quit of all services, except the services due to the Crown for its armies. The gift is to set at rest a controversy concerning the patronage of the Church of Alberburi. Witnesses,—Ralph, Richard, and Warin, sons of Fulcho; Master Robert, Dean; Richard, John, and Robert, Priests; Richard fitz Siward; Martin Faber; Richard Sadock; William, the Abbot's Nephew; Hubert; Berniger; Engelram; Ralph and Peter Mac." [ftn. 10]

"Robert, Bishop of Hereford, noticing the controversy between Shrewsbury Abbey and Fulco son of Fulco fitz Warin, concerning the right of patronage of the Church of Alberburi, announces that the aforesaid Fulco, with the assent and will of his heirs, has given and conceded to the Abbey a virgate and half in the vill of Tadeslawe, dwelt upon and cultivated, together with the men living on the same. Witnesses, Ralph, Richard, and Warin, sons of Fulco; Master Robert, Dean, etc." [ftn. 11]

It is remarkable that the Fitz-Warin Chronicle, as it is called, makes but one person of the two first Fulk fitz Warins, and represents that person as in high favour with King Henry II. I greatly doubt the truth of this as regards Fulk (II.). Though Hugh de Plugenai, one of Joceas de Dinan's sons-in-law, succeeded to a share of Lamborn in 1167, Fulk fitz Warin obtained nothing thereof during the reign of Henry II. In 1190, we have Fulk fitz Warin fining £100. with King Richard for his wife's share of her inheritance. [ftn. 12] He paid £20. at once, which shows that the Fine was accepted. In this way, and in right of his wife Hawise, he probably acquired not only a moiety of Lamborn, but that mesne interest in other Wiltshire Manors, such as Westbury, Buribluntesdon (Broad Blunsdon), and Stanton, which we afterwards find held by his descendants. [ftn. 13] In 1190, Fulk fitz Warin is assessed 10s. to a Scutage of Wales, and in respect of a knight's-fee in Warwickshire or Leicestershire; but I cannot name his estate in either County. In 1193, I find him paying a Fine of two merks in the Warwickshire Pipe-Roll.

On November 6, 1194, Hawise de Dinant names her husband, Fulk fitz Warin, and (Hugh de Plugenai) names his wife, Sibil, as their Attorneys in a suit of mort d’ancestre. [ftn. 14] On November 9 the suit came on for hearing. It appears that they claimed lands at Caleston and Stanton (Wiltshire), against Herbert fitz Herbert and his son Peter. The Court would not entertain the suit till the King, in whose keeping the lands were, had rendered them to the right heirs. [ftn. 15]

In this same year (1194) Fulk fitz Warin was assessed 20s. to the Scutage for the King's Redemption, and had fined ten merks to be excused transfretation (to Normandy). This was probably in respect of his Warwickshire Fee. He had indeed weighty matters to induce his stay in England.--

In 1195 he is entered on the Shropshire Pipe-Roll as owing 40 merks that he may have the Castle of Witinton as it had been adjudged to him in the Curia Regis. He never obtained it, and his Fine remained unliquidated for years. [ftn. 16] The cause will now appear--

In the year ending Michaelmas 1198, Hawise de Dinan fined 30 merks that she might not be obliged to remarry (pro pace habenda ne maritetur). [ftn. 17] Fulk fitz Warin (II.) was therefore dead.

Hawise de Dinan, now a widow, renewed her claim upon Stanton soon after the accession of King John. About Michaelmas 1199, she and Sibil de Plugenay (now also a widow) fine 60 merks to have trial concerning the vill of Stanton by writ of mort d'ancestre, to wit, as heirs of Joceas de Dinan their father. [ftn. 18] Earlier in the same year I find two tenants in Lamborn refusing to defend an action, because they were Villains of Hawise de Dinant. [ftn. 19]

In 1201, the Berkshire Pipe-Roll (Lamborn having been annexed to that County) gives Sibil, widow of Hugh de Plugenai, and Hawise, mother of Fulk fitz Warin, as coparceners in Lamburn. In 1204, Hawise de Dinan and her sister Sibil are apparently claiming, against Oliver de Dinan, estates at Bokeland and Corfton in Somersetshire, and at Hertilande in Devonshire. [ftn. 20] Hawise de Dinan seems to have had part at least of her dower in Alveston. A Writ of King John's, dated August 1, 1214, is in her favour, and relates to some prescriptive right in the Bosc of Alveston. [ftn. 21] I think that Hawise de Dinan was surviving at least as late as the year 1226; for that seems to be the earliest limit of a Berkshire Tenure-Roll, which describes her as still holding Lamborn, and makes mention of her father, Joceas de Dinan, and of Fulk fitz Warin, her former husband. [ftn. 22]

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may therefore date Fulk fitz Warin (II)'s * Supra, p. 18. death as in 1197.

ftn. 9. Tadlow (Cambridgeshire).--This land continued in the possession of the Abbey in 1291 (Pope Nich. Taxation, p. 269-b.)

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ftn. 14-15. Rot. Curiae Regis, I. 35,37. A few previous particulars about these lands bear upon a future question,--the genealogy of Fitz Herbert. 1n 1190, Reginald fitz Herbert paid the first instalment of a fine of £100., pro manerio de Caleston et Stanton (Rot. Pipe, 2 Ric. I., Wilts). In 1192 Herbert fitz Herbert pays £13. 7s., and owes £2. 3s., of a fine of £15. 10s., pro manerio de Culeston et de Stanton quas Reginaldus filius suus habuit. About this time, or, at all events, while Walter, Archbishop of Rouen, was Justiciar (1192–3), Fulk fitz Warin, Hawise his wife, Alan de Plugenoy (as Attorney for his father), and Sibil, Alan's mother, fined 40 merks to have a recognition of mort d’ancestre at Westminster, against Herbert fitz Herbert, concerning the vill of Stanton (Rot. Pipe, 8 Ric. I.). The debt remained unliquidated in 1201.

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It is probable that Hawise de Dinan's Fine was negotiated in 1197, for at Michaelmas 1198 she had paid two instalments (10 merks and 20s.) thereon. We may therefore date Fulk fitz Warin (ii.)'s death as in 1197.

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