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Notes for Hugh Roberts and Mary Calkins

Hugh Roberts was first at Gloucester. He was a tanner and removed to New London soon after his marriage. In 1667, with several other of the oldest settlers, he went to Newark, New Jersey.

1651 "Beginning at the lower end, Hugh Calkins had the first lot by the Lyme road, or highway to Nahantick, as it was then called, find next him was his son-in-law Hugh Roberts". [1]

Research Notes:

A biosketch about the father of Mary Calkins reports: [2]

From England he came with wife Ann, children John, Sarah, Mary and possibly others. He had at Gloucester, David; Deborah, b. March 18, 1645; Rebecca, who died March 14, 1651. Sarah ... married Oct. 28, 1649, Deacon William Hough (16__ -1683); Mary married Nov. 8, 1649, Hugh Roberts, and removed to Newark, N. J.; Deborah ... married June, 1660, Jonathan Royce.


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