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Notes for Abraham Brown and Phebe Adams

1712 Abraham Brown, of Springfield Twp, son of Abraham, married Phebe Addams, daughter of John Addams, late of Chester, in Springfield on July 17. Witnessed by several Brown family members and by John Cleyton (perhaps brother of deceased wife Leah), Abraham Browne, Preserve Browne, John Cleyton, James Addams, Thomas Addams, Alce Brown, William Hollingshead, Jud Allen, Hester Adams, Deborah Allen, Mareby Adams, Caleb Shreve, Thomas Shreve, Elizabeth Shreve, Grace Hollingshead, Mary Browne, Joshuah Shreve, Caleb Shreve, Abigail Ridgway, Mary Crispin, Mary Butcher, Phebe Scattergood, Elizabeth Shinn, Abigail Ridgway Jr, Richar Ridgway, John Butcher, John Gosling, William Hearne, Joseph Rowe, Tho Scattergood, Benjamin Brian. [1] [2]


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