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Notes for Fulk III fitz Warin and Maud le Vavasur

Research Notes:

Eyton states, [1]

In the year ending Michaelmas 1200 (though his father's fine of 40 merks still remained on the Rolls), Fulk fitz Warin (III.) fined £100. with King John "to have judgment concerning Witinton Castle and its appurtenances, as his right, which had been adjudged to him by consideration of the Curia Regis."[24] This Fine was in opposition to a nearly cotemporary Fine by Meuric de Powis, who, being in possession of Whittington, offered the King 50 merks for a confirmation thereof. It is evident that the latter Fine was accepted by the King, and that this was the provocation which, in 1201, threw Fulk fitz Warin and his friends into rebellion.

Eyton states, [2]

Hawise, daughter of Fulk fitz Warin by his wife Maud, became Lady Wem." "Hawise fitz Warin, born about 1208, was before 1226 married to William Pantulf, Baron of Wem, and, having been her mother's Grantee in the Manor of Norborough, was sued for the same by her elder and uterine brother, Theobald Walter." "the heirs of William Pantulf of Wem were still holding Norborough in the reign of Edward I.

Eyton provides a sketch of the Whittington Castle. [3]

An ancestral tree for fitz Warin of Whittington and Alderbury is shown in Eyton. [4]

Wikipedia states that part of the legend of Robin Hood might be based on Fulk FitzWarin, husband of Maud le Vavasour, and also states [5]

Maud le Vavasour was the daughter of Robert le Vavasour, deputy sheriff of Lancashire (1150-1227), and his first wife, an unnamed daughter of Adam de Birkin.

Maud le Vavasour had a half-brother, Sir John le Vavasour who married Alice Cockfield, by whom he had issue.

The paternal grandfather of Maud le Vavasour was William le Vavasour, Lord of Hazlewood, and Justiciar of England.

The maternal grandfather of Maud le Vavasour was Adam fitz Peter of Birkin.

Fulk Fitz Warin 'III' of Whittington, county Salop., Lambourn, county Berks. &c.; noted marcher baron and adversary of King John, and (largely) the subject of the 'Chronicle of Fulk FitzWarin'; married before 1 Oct 1207 Maud, daughter and heiress of Robert le Vavasour and widow of Theobald Walter. [http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/gen-medieval/2003-05/1052025792]

Complete Peerage states, [6]

Sir Fulk Fitzwarin of Whittington, Salop, Alveston, co. Gloucester, Wantage, Berks, and Stanton Fitzwarren, Wilts, only s. and h. of Sir Fulk Fitzwarin, of the same (who d. 14 May 1264, being drowned in the Ouse, when endeavouring to escape, at the battle of Lewes),(c) by Constance, da. of Sir Ralph de Tony, of Castle Maud (now Painscastle), co. Radnor, South Tawton, Devon, and Flamstead, Herts.(d) He was b. at Whittington, 14.Sep. 1251.(e)

(c)"In flumine vicino submersus" (Rishanger, De Bellix, p. 34.). He was s. and h. of Fulk fitz Warin of Whittington (living Oct. 1250), who m., 1stly, Maud, widow of Theobald Walter, and da. of Robert le Vavasur (Patent Roll, 9 Joh., m. 5; Fine Roll, mm. 11, 8), and, 2ndly, Clarice Dauberville (Fine Roll, 34 Hen. III, m. 2; Chron. of Fulk Fitz Warin, p. 410). This Fulk had been outlawed, but was pardoned, I5 Nov. 1203, his castle of Whittington being restored to him, 17 Oct. I204.'(Patent Rolls, 5 Joh., m. 5; 6 Joh., m. 7). He was s. and h. of Fulk fitz Warin (living in Nov. 1194), by Hawise, da. and coh. of Josce de Dinan (Rot. Curie Regis, vol. i, p. 37; Cartalary of Gloucester, no. 382). The last named Fulk was s. and h. of Fulk fitz Warin, of Whittington and Alveston, who d. in 1170 or 1171 (Pipe Roll:, 16 and 17 Hen. II, Gloucestershire), son of the shadowy or mythical Warin, of Metz in Lorraine.

(d) A moiety of the manor of Yarkhill, co. Hereford, was given in free marriage to Ralph de Tony and Perronelle his wife; after Ralph's death, Perronelle gave it in free marriage to Fulk fitz Warin and Constance his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, with rem. to Perronelle and her heirs. By a fine, levied from St. Hilary in three Weeks 42 Hen. III, Fulk fitz Warin and Constance his wife conveyed the said moiety to Richard Pryde and Margery his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, with rem. to 'Margery, for life, rem. to the next heirs of Richard. In 1307 Robert de Tony, son of Ralph, son of Roger, son of the said Ralph de Tony, brought an action to recover the moiety from John Pryde, who called to warrant Fulk son of Fulk fitz Warin. (Feat of Fines, case 80, file 14, no. 277; De Banco, Easter 35 Edw. I, m. 186; Year Book, p. 504). The above named Constance had livery, II Feb. 1265/6, of the manor of Alveston and tenements in Stanton, which had been assigned to her as dower (Close Roll, 50 Hen. III, m. 7 d).

(e) Proof of the full age "Fulconis filii Warini coram Consilio domini R. apud Westm'," Thursday after St. Mark [27 Apr.] 1273. "Fulco filius Warini qui nunc sequitur pro hereditate sua erit die Exaltacionis sancte Crucis proximo futuro etatis viginti et duorum annorum. . . . De nullo altero [filio Fulconis patris istius Fulconis] aliquid novit . . . et predictus F. natus fuit apud Whytinton' ad festum Exaltacionis sancte Crucis." (Ch. Inq. p. m., Edw. I, file 3, no. I7).


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