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Notes for Robert le Vavasur and Juliane de Moulton

1194 A payment of Robert Vavasur was mentioned in the Curia Regis Roll (King's Bench), "Eboracira. Robertus uauasur debet xx solidos pro habendo recordo et Judicio suo coram Justiciis in partibus illis de / quadam terra que non ualet dimidiam marcam. quam recuperauit coram Willelmo. de Stuteuilla. et sociis suis /" [1]

Research Notes:

See https://books.google.com/books?id=6UtNAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA73 and https://books.google.com/books?id=6UtNAAAAMAAJ&pg=PA76

Clay and Blaidon describe this Robert Vavasour as the High Sheriff of Nottingham and Derbyshire in 1237 and 1247 and state that he died about 1254, but Robert's heir was in the custody of Robert de Cockfield on 10 July 1231, suggesting that this Robert Vavasour died before that date.

Sir Robert Vavasor, High Sheriff co. Notts, d. circa 38 Hen. Ill [28Octoboer 1253-27 October 1254]; mar. Julian, dau. of Gilbert de Ros. They had issue—Sir John and Maud, mar. Theobald Walter, brother to Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury. [2]

William [was] a Justice Itinerant at the end of the reign of Henry II ... Mauger le Vavasour, the first of the Askwith and Denton line, was a younger son of William Vavasour, the Justice Itinerant. The elder son, Robert, was Sheriff of Notts. and Derbyshire in 1237 and 1247; he died in 1254. [3]

Perhaps Robert or his brother Mauger had a son Robert who was High Sheriff of Nottingham and Derbyshire. The Robert Vavasour who was High Sheriff of Nottingham and Derbyshire had a son William who had daughters Elizabetha and Annora.

1270 Oct. 18. Westminster. Pardon to Elizabeth and Annor, daughters and heirs of William le Vavassur, and their heirs, fo 60l. which they have paid at the Exchequer, and in consideration of the service of Robert le Vavassur, their grandfather, of all accounts, arrears and reckonings wherein their grandfather was bound to the king on the day of his death of the whole time he was sheriff of Nottinham, Harstan and Belesovere, sub-escheator in the said counties, and keeper of the king's demesnes, vaccaries and stock there, and of all fines which he made with the king with regard to all bailiwicks which he had in his lifetime, and of all things which the king could require of them touching the debts of their grandfather; and quitclaim to them of all receipts (exceptis), liveries and expenses wherein their grandfather could be bound to the king. Remission to them also and to all bailiffs who were in the service of their grandfather, from all charges, claims, inquisitions, pleas and demands which the king could have by reason of the said bailiwicks and keeping, and quittance of the said Elizabeth and Annora from all prises made by their grandfather or his bailiffs to the king's use at that time. [4]

1285 April 23. Langley. To the treasurer and barons of the exchequer. Order to cause Elizabeth and Annora, daughters and heirs of William le Vavasour, to be acquitted of all accounts, arrears, and reckonings (raciocinia) in which Robert le Vavasour, their grandfather, was indebted to the late king for all the time when he was sheriff in cos. Nottingham and Derby, constable of the castles of Notingham, Hareston, and Bollesovere, sub-escheator in those counties, keeper of the said king's demesnes, herds of cows (vaccariarum), and stock, and of all fines that he made with the said king for all the bailiwicks that he had of the late king in his lifetime, and of everything that can be exacted from Elizabeth and Annora for their grandfather's debts for any reason, as the late king, by his letters patent, which the king has inspected, remitted and pardoned all these to Elizabeth and Annora. [5]


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