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Notes for William Baker and Johanna

1396 In Common Pleas Court during Easter Term in Sussex, the Prior of Combewell sued William Baker, of Tychesherst, son of Adam, concerning trespass: close and taking. "Sussex. The prior of Combewell by Thomas Oxenbregge his attorney versus William son of Adam Baker, of Tychesherst, on a plea that by force and arms he broke the close and house of the prior at Flemenwell and took away goods and chattels to the value of 100 shillings and other (enormities) etc. against the peace etc. He did not come and the sheriff is commanded to attach him and bring him here on the 15th day of Trinity term." [1]

1403 December 7 "Westminster. To the escheator in Kent. Order to give Anne late the wife of Edmund earl of Stafford livery of such as are in his bailiwick of the knights' fees and parts of fees which the king has assigned to her in dower, namely ... the sixth part of one knight's fee there held by Richard atte Berne and William Bakere of Pekkham at 16s. 8d. ... " [2]

1424 "Westminster, Kent. One week from Holy Trinity, 2 Henry VI [25 June 1424]. And afterwards one week from St Michael, 3 Henry VI [6 October 1424]. Parties: Nicholas Frommond' of Hadlowe, querent, and William Baker of Hadlowe and Joan, his wife, deforciants. Property: 30 acres of land in Hadlowe, Estpekham and Westpekham. Action: Plea of covenant. Agreement: William and Joan have acknowledged the land to be the right of Nicholas, as that which he has of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed it from themselves and the heirs of Joan to him and his heirs for ever. Warranty: Warranty. For this: Nicholas has given them 10 marks of silver. Standardised forms of names: Persons: Nicholas Fromond, William Baker, Joan Baker. Places: Hadlow, East Peckham, West Peckham." [3] [4]

1427 Grant by Thomas Warde of Ticehurst to Ralph Shoeswell & Elizabeth his Wife; Grant of the reversion of all the lands, which Johanna, wife of William Baker, his Mother, held for life in Ticehurst, except two pieces called Smythefeld & Orephetts, which William Warde his Grandfather had of Sir Robt. Passele, Knt. [5]


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