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Notes for Thomas Roberts and Elizabeth Fremingham

1557/58 Thomas Roberts wrote his will on on January 3. [1]

Original will of Thomas Robertes of Cranbrook in Kent, esq., 3 Jan 1558.
Requests burial in Cranbrook church near his father
All real property in Kent (except as below) to son Walter Robertes in tail male, with successive remainders to son Thomas Robertes, son John Robertes, brother William Robertes and brother Clement Robertes in tail male, reversion to TR's right heirs.
1 Land called Loggynhall, Dodlynden and Fryern which Richard Wodman holds to farm
2 Land called Bysshops which Henry Merrytt holds to farm
3 Tenement called Walters occupied by John Morgan, in Goudhurst
4 Land at Flimwell in Goudhurst and Ticehurst occupied by Richard Cooper's widow
1-3 Above to be retained by his executors to fulfil his will and to pay an annuity of £6 13s 4d to his son John Roberth, and then to form part of the entailed estate.
4 Above to his son John Roberts in tail male, remainder to Walter Roberts as above.
Pecuniary bequests at marriage to daughter Dorothy, god-daughter and grand-daughter Elizabeth Love, servant Elizabeth Stokes, and to son John Robertes; son Walter executor and residuary legatee.
W: William Robertes, Walter Robertes, Thomas Robertes, John Robertes, Thomas Hendle, Walter Hendle

Research Notes:

The Robertes pedigree in the 1530-31 visitation of Kent (p. 17) shows Thomas Roberts of Glastenbury besyde Crambroke married to Elizabeth daughter to Sir James Fremyngham of Suff. with children Walter, Thomas, Johanne (married to Sir William Fytzwyllm), and Alys. A second wife, daughter of Sackefeld, is shown with no issue.

The Robertes pedigree in the 1574 visitation of Kent (p. 23-24) shows Thomas Robertes of Cranbroke, son of Walter Roberts and Alice Nayler "daught of the Lady Burgaueny," married to Elizabeth "daught to Fremingham and heire of Walworth" with children Walter Robertes of Cranbrooke married first to Katherin daughter of George Vane and second to Frances daughter and heire of John Maynard of London, Thomas married the Lady Henlay, John marrried the daughter of Robert Pigott of Bucke, Johane married to Richard Buston, and Mary married to Cheyney of Woodhay.


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