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Notes for John Calkins and Sarah Royce

Vital records of the family of John and Sarah Calkins were recorded in the first book of the Norwich, Connecticut, book of records. [1]

The names & ages of the children of John Calkins as ffollowes
Hue Calkins was borne in June Anno Do 1659
John Calkins was borne in July An 1661
Samuell Calkins was borne in Octob An 1663
Sarah Calkins was borne in june Anno 1666
Dauid Calkins was borne in March An 1667 & dyed in the same month & year
Mary Calkins was borne in May Ano 1669
Ann Calkins was borne Agust Ano Dom 1678
Elisabeth Calkins was borne Aprill Ano 1673
The first named John Calkin Deceased in January: 1702/3
Sarah Calkin the Wife of sd John Calkin Deceased: in May 1711

1660 Hugh Cauulkin(s) and his son John removed to Norwich in 1660. [2]

1702/3 John Calkins died on January 8. "Calkin, John, of Norwich. File No. 946. 'An inuentory of the estat of iohn calkin of Norwich deceised Jenewary th 8—1: 703/2.' Not totaled. Taken by Simon Huntington and Joseph Backus, who made oath 3 Feb. 1702/3. Hugh Caulkins and John Caulkins swore to their father's inventory 4 Feb. 1702/3. Receipt, 28 Jan. 1703/4, to Hugh and John Calkin, of our portions of our father John Calkin's estate; signed by Sary Calkin (her mark), Samuell Calkin, Samuell Hide, and Samuell Giford." [3]

1711 Sarah, widow of John Calkins, died in May 1711. "Calkin, Sarah, of Norwich. File No. 958. 'The inuentory of Sarah Colkin of Norwich Desased May 1711,' widow of john Colkin, taken 6 Oct. 1711 by Solomon Tracy and Simon Huntington; £41.06.11. Children and legatees: Hugh Calkins, aged 52: John Caukin, aged 50; Samll Caukin; Elizabeth wife of Samll Hide; Mary wife of Samll Giffords. Hugh Calkin Adm'r, made oath 13 Nov. 1711. Distribution 1 jan. 1711, recorded 12 Feb. 1711/12: Hugh Calkins, John Calkins, Ens. Samll hide, Samll Calkins, Samll Giffords. Receipt from John Calkins, Ens. Samll Hide, Samll Calkins, Samll Gifford to our Brother Hugh Calkin Adm'r on estate of our Mother Sarah Calkin; not dated and signed only by John Calkin and Samuel Giford. Receipt from Samuell Hide, dated Lebanon, 3 Mar. 1712. Samuell Gifferd and Hugh Calkin junior testify that Hugh Calkin senior offered his brother Samuell Calkin his part of estate, who declined, etc." [4]

Research Notes:

http://babbage.clarku.edu/~djoyce/gen/ citing William Cutter, Genealogical and Personal Memoirs relating to the families of the state of Massachusetts, 1910:
John lived in New London and in 1652 helped to build the first mill dam there. He was later in Norwich where he served as selectman in 1671 and as a juror as late as 1691.


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